Styling the Post Office
This book explores the corporate brand evolution of the GPO.
Styling the Post Office
Styling the Post Office

follows the extraordinarily complex evolution of the General Post Office, Royal Mail, British Telecom, and Openreach corporate identities.

At 244 glossy pages, my new book is a real fab tome, with hundreds of colour/black & white photos/illustrations and clear explanations.

Andrew Emmerson: "Extremely comprehensive, beautifully printed and excellent value for its price."

Mike Harris: "Congratulations on producing a superb history of the corporate brand across the constituent businesses."
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Styling the Post Office
First edition [Nov 2022].

"As with any business, the style of the Post Office affected how its staff and customers perceived and interacted with it. This book takes a snapshot of how just some of the associated key brands evolved through its long history to what they are today."

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Index of Chapters:

1.     Origins of the General Post Office
2.     The Men from the Ministries
3.     Fonts and Foibles
4.     Styling the Post Office
5.1   Brighter Post Offices
5.2   Building with Economy
5.3   South Molton
5.4   Knightsbridge
5.5   Ludgate Circus
5.6   Trafalgar Square
5.7   House Style
6.1   Saga of Postal Services Red
6.2   Telephone Kiosks
6.3   Post Office Red
7.     Mid-Bronze Green
8.     Towards Corporation Status
9.     Safety Yellow
10.1 Banks and Miles
10.2 Banks and Miles - Postal
10.3 Banks and Miles - Telecommunications
11.   British Telecom
12.1 Post Office Railway
12.2 Mail by Rail
13.   Royal Mail '90  
14.1 The Post Office
14.2 Consignia
15.   Post Office Counters
16.   BT '91 and Beyond
17.   BT Comes Full Circle
18.   Openreach
19.   Post Office Tower
20.   End Notes
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