The GPO and Bletchley Park (Extended Edition)
This book explores the Park’s long association with the GPO.
The GPO and Bletchley Park 
The GPO and Bletchley Park:

During wartime in Letchworth, Margaret Davies worked on the CANTAB project to machine vital components for the Turing Welchman Bombe. In London, Tommy Flowers (MBE) of the General Post Office’s (GPO) research group devised Colossus, the world’s first programmable electronic computer, which broke the German Lorenz codes. Guided by the GPO these technologies were delivered to the codebreakers at Bletchley Park, ultimately bringing an early end to the war. As a government department it was not surprising that the GPO created an engineering training centre at Bletchley Park after the codebreakers had moved out. This photobook delves into the many GPO connections with the Park, past and present, tracing the remnants of the buildings and the rebuilds of the wartime machines. 

The GPO and Bletchley Park. Back cover Nov 2020
Extended edition [Nov 2020].

"I have just received your book on 'The GPO and Bletchley Park.' It has some great pictures, stories and historic events that have taken place there over the decades. I remember when I was there in 1977 it was still a very secret place, you were aware that something incredible had happened in the past, but not sure exactly what that was.Thanks again for putting more light on this momentous event in Britain's history."

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Index of Chapters:

1.  Teleprinters and the Defence Teleprinter Network (DTN)
2.  Where in the Park?
3.  Post Office Accommodation
4.  GPO Regional Training Centre
5.  Pole Field
6.  GPO Machines
7.  The WITCH and ERNIE
8.  Turing Welchman Bombe
9.  Contributing to CANTAB
10. End Notes

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