Forthcoming books in the My GPO Family series
Forthcoming Books
My GPO Family of books, exploring communications history... about the General Post Office (GPO), Post Office Telecommunications, British Telecom, and BT.

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Covid-19 has delayed research due to many archives being completely inaccessible for the duration, as well as distance travel being inadvisable. More practical telecom projects were carried out during Lockdown (2020-21) and book writing was on hold. It is anticipated that new publications will now be ready during 2023/24.

Yellow History Series (2017-2024)
My GPO Legacy
Yellow Telecom History (2017-2024 series)

Illustrated with black & white photos.

My GPO Legacy is the intended third book in the 'My GPO Family' trilogy series. Part 1 was 'My GPO Family.' Part 2 was 'My GPO in London.' Part 3 is due to cover any remaining topical aspects. Thus this book is not expected before 2024 or later.

Square Formats: Premium Quality Photobooks (2019-24 series)
Styling the Post Office London's GPO Heritage London's Trunks Tolls and Telex
Square Photobooks (2019-2024 series)

Styling the Post Office will study the evolution of the corporate General Post Office branding from the early mid-bronze green of Post Office Telephones through the yellow era of Post Office Telecommunications, the red of Royal Mail, and the progression of post office counters. This book will be published in mid-Nov 2022. This was published November 2022 and can be bought or ordered, depending upon stock levels.

London's GPO Heritage is currently out of print. At the minimum, it needs to be completely reformatted/resized for my new printer. It is expected to be reprinted with extra pages and additional material mid to late 2023.

London's Trunks, Tolls and Telex picks up and expands the 'My GPO in London' topic for a more detailed look at switching in the capital city. This is not expected until mid to late 2024.

Dates quoted are subject to revision as research materials, time and inclination change!

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