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My GPO in London
My GPO Family of books, exploring communications history... about the General Post Office (GPO), Post Office Telecommunications, British Telecom, and BT.

Andrew Emmerson (one-time Technical Press Officer with British Telecom) remarks: "John paints an engaging picture of telecommunications, all written in a highly readable language."

Book cover: My GPO in London:Trilogy Edition (part two).

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My GPO Family of books

Yellow Series (2017-2019)
My GPO Family:Supplied for the Public Service My GPO Family: Trilogy Edition (Part one) My GPO in London: Trilogy Edition (Part two)      
£13.95 inc UK Postage £11.99 inc UK Postage £11.99 inc UK Postage      
Sale £9.99 inc UK Postage          
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Abridged version Full version
A5 428 pages A5 370 pages A5 368 pages
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These two books are the same story in different versions.

Square Series: Premium Quality Photobooks (2019-22)
Poetry in the Post Office The GPO and Bletchley Park Styling the Post Office
Square Photobooks (2019-2022)

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£16.99 UK
£19.99 Rest of world
£19.99 UK
£10.99 inc UK Postage See GPOBP2 page See STPO page
34 pages 216 x 216 mm 84 pages 210 x 210 mm 244 pages 210 x 210
In stock In stock In stock
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